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  • Omi Beef Dishes
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Kaiseki Cuisine

Kyoto style cuisine with seasonal ingredients of Shiga.
Please feel the tradition of Japanese food culture.

Omi Beef

Omi Beef is Japanese beef grown with water of Lake Biwa and crops in Shiga.
Please enjoy its steak or “Shabushabu”.


You can eat ducks as Sukiyaki. “Kamo Sukiyaki” is cooked with special warishita soup and
you can enjoy the meat and the vegetable. (Best season between mid of November and March)

Mackerel Cuisine

There used to be a route called Saba(Mackerel) Road from Fukui to Kyoto and a route to Nagahama.
Mackerel was good to be eaten when it was transported in Nagahama, so it was cooked in various ways.

Biwa Salmon

Biwa Salmon is endemic species only in Lake Biwa.
The salmon Sashimi is as tasty as tuna Sashimi and has texture that melts in the mouth.
Biwa Salmon can be cooked in various ways as it has no smell.


Funazushi, a local specialty of Shiga, is fermented sushi made with crucian carp cooked with rice and salt.
It has special flavor, but its taste is exquisite, especially female with roe command high prices.


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